Ndamukong Suh will do ‘Celebrity Diving’ show, water beware

While Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh's appearances on "Celebrity Diving" won't draw viewers like, say, Katherine Webb in a bikini, it has brought out the inner comedian in Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz reacted to the Detroit Free Press about the 307-pound Suh jumping off a diving board for a reality television show.

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"I did take a couple physics courses, but there’s something about displacement of water, but it has to do with like mass and density and Ndamukong Suh’s going to displace some," Schwartz said, according to the Free Press. "Even if he goes in like those Chinese divers that don’t even make a ripple, it’s going to move a lot of water. There’ll be a tsunami somewhere because it’s just – that should be probably more Celebrity Cannonballing. But Ndamukong’s a good athlete. He played soccer. He’s a really good athlete for a big man."

There is a serious matter to "Celebrity Diving," believe it or not, and that's with the Lions' best defensive player taking time out in the offseason to do a stunt that isn't without some perils.

There is some danger in diving off a platform from high up in the air, but Schwartz didn't believe there was an issue.

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"It’s not like celebrity skydiving," Schwartz said, according to the Free Press. "Even like ice skating or something like that where you sit there and say somebody could break their wrist or fall down, I think we’re probably pretty safe to say there’s not a high rate of injury on celebrity diving."

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Injury history from previous celebrity divers wasn't available, but it will be interesting to see how Suh - who is a great athlete for a man his size - fares on the show. It might be a PR boost for a player who has gotten most of his NFL press from doing things like kicking opposing quarterbacks in the groin.

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