Nate Washington jumps over Antonio Cromartie and plows over official to get touchdown

Shutdown Corner

Everyone in the stadium was watching a long pass to Titans receiver Nate Washington, including the back judge, Billy Smith. Smith should have kept an eye on the players coming right at him.

Washington ran a deep post against Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie. He leaped over Cromartie, who went to the ground. You'd figure at that point Washington would be free to the end zone. But he still had to plow over Smith, the poor official who was in his way.

Washington landed and the back judge – who knows how Smith didn't get out of the way with the middle of the field wide open – was caught right underneath him. Smith got drilled and went down like a bowling pin, Washington stepped through both Cromartie and the official and waltzed into the end zone for the score.

Smith got up pretty slow after getting nailed, and will probably learn a lesson to keep his eyes on the action in front of him.

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