Mozart, Waldo and a Jersey beauty queen walk into the Super Bowl Media Day...

Super Bowl Media Day is, without question, one of the most bizarre and pointless afternoons of the sporting year. Thousands of media members clamber around the players in that year's Super Bowl, looking for any nugget of information. Whether it was Marshawn Lynch and Deion Sanders in a cringeworthy interview, Richard Sherman praising the "city" of New Jersey, or the worst question of all time, anything that was fascinating wasn't exactly newsworthy.

But that's not what the Super Bowl Media Day is all about. No, it's about being seen, and quite a few people did that quite well. Let's do a roundup, shall we?

First up, there was Miss New Jersey, or someone wishing to be her:


Next up, some kind of superhero ... Peyton-Man, perhaps?

Here's a shot of the uniforms each team was wearing to the festivities:

But at least one player wasn't participating any more than he had to. While players were supposed to talk for an hour, Lynch spent less than seven minutes asking questions:

Oh, hey, what's up, Mozart:

Anybody spot Waldo?

And finally, Lil Terrio, the viral Internet sensation we've never heard of:


Here's Lil' Terrio trying to deal with DeSean Jackson while making a Super Bowl pick:

Yep. Super Bowl Media Day, everybody. Nothing else like it in the world.

Jay Busbee is a contributor for Shutdown Corner on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip? Email him at or follow him on Twitter.

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