Update: Most people still hate Michael Vick

A survey from Neilsen and E-Poll Market Research asked random Americans about their most disliked NFL players, and surprise, surprise, Michael Vick is at the top of the list. It's been over two years since he completed his federal prison term for dogfighting. We are apparently not over it.

Other things that will land you in the top 10 include shooting yourself in the leg, sexual misconduct in bathrooms of Georgia bars, being overpaid and lazy, and being Jay Cutler. Here's your top 10:

1. Michael Vick. 60 percent Dislike
2. Plaxico Burress. 56 percent Dislike
3. Ben Roethlisberger. 49 percent Dislike
4. Albert Haynesworth. 46 percent Dislike
5. Jay Cutler. 38 percent Dislike
6. Chad Ochocinco. 35 percent Dislike
7. Vince Young. 32 percent Dislike
8. Carson Palmer. 31 percent Dislike
9. Tony Romo. 29 percent Dislike
10. Jeremy Shockey. 29 percent Dislike

Monday night's game, as well as an entertaining football contest, also was evidently a festival of loathing. Jay Cutler emerged as the winner in the battle of top-five targets of hatred.

Cutler's the most puzzling name on the list to me. As far as I can tell, he's the fifth-most disliked player in the league because of the look on his face. He might look aloof and arrogant, but he certainly doesn't play that way. He doesn't shy away from contact, he takes a beating and keeps getting up, and he doesn't show up receivers who don't make plays they should make (and he is certainly provided that opportunity often).

I suppose he's still dealing with the questions about the severity of his knee injury in the playoff game against the Packers in 2010, but that controversy, too, probably stems more from preconceived notions about Cutler.

Albert Haynesworth ranking so high also surprises me, but only because I didn't think anyone still cared about Haynesworth enough to dislike him. Carson Palmer, too. In hindsight, his decision to demand out of Cincinnati doesn't look like the brightest idea in the world, but at the time, it seemed completely understandable.