Mort: Favre would still be playing if Packers signed Randy Moss

Chris Mortenson was just on ESPN News to break down the reasons for Brett Favre's retirement. Favre left him a long voicemail message explaining things. The video is above, but if you can't or don't want to watch it, I'll hit the high points for you:

• Favre says that physically, he's good to go, but he's mentally worn down. The only thing that would justify the effort of another season would be a Super Bowl win.

• Favre tried to downplay the effects of Randy Moss on his decision, but says the biggest factor was his own fatigue. Favre's agent says that the Packers didn't do much to re-energize Favre, for his season, and Favre acknolwedges that that might be true, but says it wasn't a big factor in his decision.

• Mort said that if Moss would've been a Packer, Favre would've committed to more than one more season with the Packers. Direct quote from Mort: "If Randy Moss were a Packer today, Brett Favre would be playing football."

• There are no immediate plans for a press conference.

(UPDATE: A news conference is now scheduled for 4 p.m.)

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