Mort: Chargers are trying to move Antonio Cromartie

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie(notes) – who once looked like a good bet to develop into a shutdown corner, and now looks like a good bet for a touchdown for a Chargers opponent – is apparently on the trading block.

According to Chris Mortensen, the Chargers would like to get a running back in return for him, or at least an extra draft pick that would make it easier for them to draft a running back.

LaDainian Tomlinson(notes) is almost certain to leave town, and to keep Darren Sproles(notes), the Chargers will likely have to pay him every-down-back money, despite the fact that they can't use him on every down. They're not going to do that.

That leaves the cupboard bare at running back, while Cromartie seems expendable in the cornerback cupboard. They could start Antoine Cason(notes) and Quentin Jammer(notes) and not miss a beat.

Cromartie's career got off to a brilliant start, as he snatched 10 interceptions in his second year in the league (including three against Peyton Manning(notes) in one game). Since then, it's been strugglesville. When the Chargers have been beaten for big plays in the passing game, chances are, you'd find Antonio Cromartie somewhere in the area with a "what happened?" look on his face.

Still, he's just 25 years old, and all the physical tools remain in place. I actually think he's a good candidate to return to form with a change of scenery.

Whether or not some team will take that risk, I don't know, but on the surface, it seems worth it. Good corners are hard to find, and productive running backs, while not falling off of trees or anything, are almost disposable these days. If it were me, I'd take a flier on Cromartie for a running back that I'd use for maybe two more years and then cast aside anyway.

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