Monday Night Love Blog, Week 14: Cardinals @ 49ers

It's another of those storied NFC West battles tonight as the Cardinals head north to take on the 49ers. The Cards are looking to confirm that their dominance last week against the Viking was no fluke, and that they're a real contender heading into the playoffs. The 49ers are in desperation mode, so there's no telling where Mike Singletary's pants may be by the end of the evening.

Where will your pants be at the end of the evening? We don't care, because we can't see you. We'll be here throughout the game this evening with running commentary on the game, observations, insights, polls, blatant lies and a high level of interactivity with you, the reader. We'd love it if you, pants or not, were to join us.

It gets underway just a few minutes before kickoff.

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