Monday Night Live Chat, Week 9: Bears (+8) @ Eagles

We've got highly relevant matchups on "Monday Night Football" for the second staight week. And hopefully this one won't end with me crying as I lay drunk in the boiler room of an abandoned shoe factory, clutching a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 and wondering where it all went wrong.

It's the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night, both likely to be factors in the NFC wild-card race. It's a big game for both teams. If the Eagles win, they climb back to .500. If they don't, they're three full games behind the Giants. With a win, the Bears put themselves into a tie for the final wild-card spot, and with a loss, they're a .500 team.

We'll be here throughout the game with running commentary, observations, insights, polls, blatant lies and a high level of interactivity with you, our beloved reader.

We'll get it started a few minutes before kickoff. See you then.

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