This is when Aaron Hernandez realized he was about to be arrested

On Wednesday morning, police arrested former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez at his home. Based on several observations — Hernandez was led from the house in handcuffs rather than turning himself in, for instance — it's apparent that Hernandez was not expecting an arrest to happen.

And now, we have video proof of that. Take a close look at the clip above, where Hernandez answers the door shirtless. That's not a guy ready to be taken downtown. That's not a guy whose lawyers negotiated a surrender.

Why would police arrest Hernandez in a fashion that obviously would make nationwide headlines? As noted earlier Wednesday morning, Denver attorney Harvey Steinberg told NFL Network that this type of arrest seems to indicate that Hernandez could face a much more serious charge than the initially-assumed obstruction of justice. "Otherwise they needlessly humiliated Mr. Hernandez in front of the media," Steinberg told NFL Network.

More on this story, obviously, as it develops throughout the week.

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