‘Model prisoner’ Aaron Hernandez’s life in jail: ‘Tuesdays with Morrie,’ push-ups and Tang

Despite all of the shocking stories that have come out about former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez over the past month, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said Hernandez has been a model prisoner.

In an extensive story by the Boston Globe outlining Hernandez's life in jail as he awaits his murder trial, Hodgson said Hernandez has been "nothing but perfect" since arriving at the jail.

"He was very polite and very respectful," Hodgson told the Globe. "He didn’t seem nervous, he seemed very comfortable."

Hernandez has mostly kept to himself, the story said, which is mostly because he is being held away from the general prisoner population. Only one person from his unit can go out at a time for the one allowed exercise hour each day, so he isn't mingling with other prisoners. The story said Hernandez hasn't complained, has eaten all of his meals and made only one special request, for more protein in his diet. That request was denied.

The story had many details of Hernandez's day-to-day life in jail.

He gets up at 6 a.m. when breakfast is brought to his small cell. He gets one egg, a portion of grits, a muffin square and either milk or Tang.

"We actually serve Tang now to cut costs," Hodgson told the Globe. "But believe it or not, it actually has a higher nutritional value than orange juice and it’s cheaper."

He is allowed to have two books at a time or write letters during the day. Hodgson said Hernandez likes to read, and he sent down a copy of "Tuesdays with Morrie" for Hernandez.

Hernandez gets to be out of his cell three times a day, for an hour each time. He can make collect calls during those times, and gets to go outside just once. The Globe said he does sit-ups, knee bends, and push-ups in his cell during the day.

Hodgson dismissed the ACLU's claim that Hernandez is being mistreated by being kept in "solitary confinement," saying that Hernandez is being held in a single cell for his safety.

“In solitary confinement you don’t get an hour of visits, you don’t get access to the commissary, you don’t get three hours out of your cell," Hodgson told The Globe.

One of the other details in the story is that Hernandez is wearing the uniform of pretrial prisoners, which is dark green. The story said they look like New York Jets colors.

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