Mike Wallace, Steelers receiver, confused for Mike Wallace, deceased ’60 Minutes’ newsman

Chris Chase

When Mike Wallace died on Sunday, a number of NFL fans heard the news and wondered if the Mike Wallace in question was the Pittsburgh Steelers receiver, not the legendary CBS newsman.

Most people quickly figured out that it was the latter, by either clicking on a link, reading a headline, sticking around through a commercial break to see the news segment or using some common sense. A few hundred Twitter users didn't.

The following is a lesson in grief, common names and access to an open forum to share immediate thoughts. Tweets below are actual messages from actual users. Names have been removed to protect the idiotic.

The Five Stages of WR Mike Wallace Grief

Denial: "Did Steelers Mike Wallace die? I was told he did. Is that true?"

Anger: "Mike Wallace died? The Steelers are [expletive]."

Bargaining: "RIP Mike Wallace. Maybe the Steelers shouldn't have cut Hines Ward?"

Depression: "Was hopin RIP Mike Wallace was the Steelers' WR signing to Tampa or some [expletive]. Damn. Awrite, RIP big fella, you were the best."

Acceptance: "Mike Wallace passed away. I guess the Steelers will be targeting a receiver in the draft now #sucks #gonetosoon"

In the meantime, Steelers fans are safe for a while, at least until a hot, new college prospect named Morley Safer catches the eye of scouts.

Thanks to Michael Gold's Storify page for finding a number of these tweets.

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