Mike Tomlin bans end-zone somersaults in latest fun-eliminating move

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin must have heard that it was National Grouch Day on Tuesday.

Despite winning his first game Sunday, a salty Tomlin said Tuesday he is making sure his Steelers do not enjoy it in one sense.

So that means no more of this.

Personally, we loved Emmanuel Sanders' flip, but admittedly it did have somewhat of an un-Steelers-esque feel to it. No matter — the move, and its sister maneuvers, are banned.

But after taking away this, and having already removed games in the locker room such as shuffleboard, ping pong and pool, how else can Tomlin tighten the noose? Maybe's he's employing the same strategy as the fictional female owner of the Cleveland Indians in "Major League" — they only started playing their best ball once the hot water was removed from the showers.

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