Mike Pettine explains his daughter’s unexcited tweet about him being Browns coach

The funny thing about Megan Pettine's tweet is that most Browns fans probably get the joke better than anyone.

Megan Pettine has become a bit of a household name, and not just because she's the 19-year-old daughter of Mike Pettine, who was hired Thursday as the Browns' head coach. It dates back to a tweet she sent during the interview process. She was excited for her dad, but ... well, here is the screen grab, from Larry Brown Sports:

You can almost hear the sad trombone sound after "It's the Browns," can't you?

It's pretty much like this classic "Simpsons" clip about Homer owning the Denver Broncos in real life:

And hey, look where the Broncos are now.

Megan's tweet has gone viral, and has been shown on "SportsCenter" multiple times, and Mike Pettine said his daughter is regretful. Mike Pettine said in his press conference that she called him a day after she posted it and it started to get some attention, and was crying hysterically about it. Pettine explained that he was a Ravens assistant coach and that's where the family lived when Megan was young, so that's "where she was trained to not be a Browns fan."

"She learned a very valuable lesson in the power of social media," Mike Pettine said, according to ESPN.com.

Browns fans won't hold a grudge against a young woman. Despite all of the losing seasons and disappointments they are great fans who love football but seem to maintain a level head and share some dark humor about the team's ineptitude (see the "Factory of Sadness" video). It shall pass.

And yeah, at the end of the day, Megan Pettine's dad is one of the 32 men in the world who is an NFL head coach ... and that is pretty cool.

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