Mike Mularkey will pay up if the Jaguars don’t celebrate their touchdowns

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey doesn't like endzone celebrations. He prefers the old school method ‒ you score a touchdown, and you calmly give the ball to the nearest official. You act like you've been there before.

To that end, Mularkey vowed to donate $250 to the Ronald McDonald House every time a Jaguar scores a touchdown and eschews an elaborate endzone dance. He explained his policy:

"I did that in Buffalo," Mularkey explained to local media. "It came about when they started giving excessive celebrating fifteen yard penalties. I thought, how can I make sure our guys don't do something ridiculous and do that and create a penalty that will really hurt our football team? I just thought it's a classy and professional way of doing things by handing the ball to the official by saying 'Hey hang onto this. I'll be back again'.

It is classy, but Mularkey should be careful. With Blaine Gabbert at quarterback and Maurice Jones-Drew nowhere to be found, this could end up costing him as much as $1,000 this season.

It's hard to dislike any policy that benefits the Ronald McDonald House, but I'm also in favor of football being fun and the expression of basic human emotions.

I don't love touchdown dances, but imagine this scenario. You're an anonymous Jaguars offensive lineman. It's week one against the Vikings, and you're down by five with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter. Rashad Jennings takes a handoff and fumbles, and you pick it up, and rumble your 320-lb. frame 12 yards into the endzone. Jags win. Big man scores touchdown.

We're not letting this guy spike the ball? And if he does spike the ball, he has to be accused to taking money away from the Ronald McDonald House? That seems a little unfair.

Some have also wondered if this isn't a veiled shot at Maurice Jones-Drew, who loves nothing more than breaking it down after he scores a touchdown. Personally, I don't buy it ‒ I don't think Mike Mularkey is going to use the Ronald McDonald House as a stick with which to poke Jones-Drew ‒ but there are those who do.

The Jaguars organization will match every $250 that Mularkey gives the Ronald McDonald House. It's a really great charity, so I'm hoping that the Jags are way better than I expect them to be this season.

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