Mike Ditka says he’ll shave his famous mustache — for the right price

It looks like the old saying really is true: Everybody does have a price.

Despite the apocalyptic risk a shave might incur, former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka said on Thursday that he'd be willing to get rid of his iconic mustache if someone made a sizable donation one of his favorite charities. Speaking on ESPN Chicago's "Waddle and Silvy Show," the current ESPN analyst threw out "50 or 100,000" as a suggested donation toward Misericordia, an organization that serves the developmentally disabled in Chicago. Ditka has been involved with the charity for over 30 years.

Show Misericordia the money, Ditka says, and he'll take a razor to his famous 'stache that he originally adopted in the early 1970s to promote a line of old-time sports bars that he and a group of Dallas Cowboys teammates had opened up.

Here's the exchange from "Waddle and Silvy":

Tom Waddle: What do you say one of these Thursdays, we raise some money and the highest bidder gets to shave your mustache off? How great would that be?

Ditka: My dad used to say this: "Let me put it to you this way. "You couldn't raise enough money to do that!" (laughter) Now if you want to [raise] 50 or 100,000 and send that to Misericordia, I'll let you shave it off.

Marc Silverman: I bet we could get somebody. That would be national news.

Waddle: Let's split the difference. For a $75,000 donation, we'll let someone shave your mustache and all the money goes to Misericordia.

Ditka: But nobody can look at me for two days because I'll be crying.

It's unclear whether or not Ditka or the radio station will pursue this follicle-related fundraising effort. If they do, however, they might find that someone out there in the Windy City will pay even more than $75,000 to save Ditka's mustache.

You do not, after all, ever think about messing with Da Coach's 'stache, my frients.

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