Mike Ditka regrets not running against Barack Obama for Senate seat in 2004 and keeping him out of White House

Mike Ditka is proof that the off the charts self-confidence athletes need to play at the highest level never really goes away.

The former Bears tight end and coach, an ultra conservative who has never held a political office, said he wished he had run against Barack Obama for a Senate seat in 2004, because he probably would have beat the two-term United States President and Obama wouldn't be in the White House today.

There you have it. Ditka could have changed American history, but chose not to.

“Biggest mistake I’ve ever made,” Ditka said during an appearance for an oil company's grand opening in North Dakota, according to the Dickinson Press. “Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn’t be in the White House.”

Wait, would regular Ditka have run against Obama, or a mini-Ditka?

Given the state of Illinois' affinity for anything relating to the 1985 Bears, perhaps Ditka isn't totally nuts to believe he could have beaten Obama. But hey, there's always the 2016 presidential election, Iron Mike.

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