Mike Alstott barrels into retirement

There are certain guys in the NFL who aren't superstars, exactly, but have carved out an important little place for themselves in NFL history. I'd say Mike Alstott fits quite well into that category.

The fact that he's been to six Pro Bowls might point to "superstar," but the guy was a fullback, where the depth of competition for Pro Bowl spots wasn't exactly tremendous. And few fullbacks made SportsCenter highlights like Alstott.

In fact, there was a time when Mike Alstott was one of the most highlight-worthy players in the game (as the above video illustrates). I remember thinking that Chris Berman's Mike Alstott sound effects were about the coolest thing in the world ... but now it's been about 6 years since Alstott had a productive season, and even longer since Berman's been tolerable.

All good things come to an end, I guess. Some with a quiet announcement of retirement, and others with a long, painful, slide into a parade of hackneyed catchphrases and sound effects that lost their charm years and years ago.

• Alstott Expected To Announce Retirement Thursday / Pewter Report
• Mike Alstott Tribute / YouTube

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