Might your Cadillac Williams jersey already be a throwback?

Bucs running back Cadillac Williams certainly won't be ready to go in time for training camp, and he might not be able to go at all in '08. And this morning, Pro Football Talk, the NFL rumor capital of the world, says they're hearing rumors that Cadillac's might not be ready to go, ever again.

If I were you, though, I'd hold off on chucking those Cadillac Williams jerseys into a Salvation Army bin. PFT is just saying that it's a rumor going around Mobile, Alabama, where players and coaches are gathered for the upcoming Senior Bowl. There's not even a hint about it anywhere else in the media.

Rumor Rumor Rumor
. Can't stress that enough.

Said Bucs GM Bruce Allen recently of Cadillac's injury:

"Yes, it's a serious injury. He has excellent medical care, and the equipment and recuperation time is completely different than it was six or seven years ago. Yes, I'm confident that if it can be done, he can do it."

But either way, retirement on the horizon or not, two things seem like a pretty good idea right now. 1) Not drafting Cadillac Williams in your fantasy league, and 2) that contract extension for Earnest Graham the Bucs have been talking about.

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