Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb are total BFFs


Michael Vick's(notes) biggest supporter out there might also be his competition for a starting job: fellow Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb(notes).

Birds' Eye View passes along some comments from Kolb on Vick and his recent situation, in which someone got shot at a party he was hosting.

"I just told him that it was unfortunate what he had to go through," the Eagles' new starting QB said recently. "I just said, ‘If there’s anything I can do, whatever it is I don’t care, just holler.’ And, of course, he said, ‘I appreciate it.'"


"I think people misunderstand Michael a little bit," Kolb said. "They don’t understand how good of a guy he is. But I think [Eagles players and coaches] all see that. I just hate – and this is what he’s upset about – that he got his name [dragged] back through the mud. For an outsider looking in … they don’t even know what the story is. They’re just seeing something negative with his name and it looks bad."

Also, at the end, Kolb tossed in an "I love him." I think it's sweet.

We all need friends, even (perhaps especially) those of us who have major screw-ups in our past. Maybe you like Vick, or maybe you can never forgive him. Whatever the case, it'd be pretty harsh to wish the guy a lifetime with no one supporting him or being there for him. So I'm glad he and Kolb found some kind of bond. It's not like his old friends were doing him a ton of good.

What is it that brought them together? I can't say I know, but they both have, or have had, hobbies that PETA is probably not in love with.

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