Michael Vick jerseys are hot items again, and that's OK

Good news: Once again, we love Michael Vick(notes).

CNBC's Darren Rovell tells us that Philadelphia retailers are moving a ton of Michael Vick jerseys these days. Ever since he triumphantly stepped into the lineup in Week 1, and then was declared the full-time starter, fans are clamoring for No. 7 Eagles swag.

Sources tell CNBC that retailers in the Philadelphia area have placed big orders for Vick's jersey since he was named the starter by Eagles coach Andy Reid this week.

"Certainly after coach Reid declared him the starter and offered his vote of confidence, demand and sales escalated and we did bring in more (jerseys) to meet customer needs," said Jed Berger, senior vice president of marketing for Modell's Sporting Goods, which brought Eagles No. 7 jerseys into its stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

I'm sure there are some who will be disgusted by the news: "Booo! He killed doggies, and if you wear his jersey, you support dog murder!"

I can see where that point of view comes from, but I don't personally subscribe to it. Using that same rationale, anyone who ever wore an American flag pin on their lapel supports denying women the right to vote and the World War II-era internment of Japanese-Americans.

It's possible to support or show love for a person or institution without also supporting the worst things that person or institution has done. People support what Vick is doing on the football field. Maybe they even support a new, more responsible, more mature Michael Vick who realizes and condemns his past failures.

I'm glad Vick is finding some love and support from people out there. Deserved as it may have been, he's been through a lot, and it has to feel good to find at least a modicum of acceptance in the world.