Michael Vick booksigning appearances canceled amid threats of violence

Michael Vick has gone and written a book, "Finally Free," but he's having a bit of trouble promoting it. Three booksignings in Atlanta, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been canceled because of threats of violence against Vick, the bookstore and its employees.

“While we stand by Michael Vick’s right to free speech and the retailers’ right to free commerce, we cannot knowingly put anyone in harm’s way, and therefore we must announce the cancellation of Mr. Vick’s book-signing appearances,” said Byron Williamson, president of Worthy Publishing, according to PhillyMag.com. “We’ve been assured these threats of violence, which have been reported to the police, are being taken very seriously by local authorities.”

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Vick served 19 months in prison on federal dog-fighting charges. While he's been out of prison for several years now and back to quarterbacking, he still draws plenty of threats, according to sources quoted by PhillyMag. A sampling of the threats left on Facebook pages:

“I would go there to slit your throat knowing how you treat animals.”

“hope your kids don’t fall in a pool with a battery.”

“I would snap your neck if I met you, your [sic] a piece of trash.”

Though Vick remains high atop most lists of most hated athletes, he has been trying to rehabilitate his shattered image. He's partnered with the Humane Society for awareness efforts, he had planned to give out Nike gear at his latest booksignings, and he's been working with at-risk youth. Clearly, he has plenty of work left to do.

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