Michael Irvin calls Nevin Shapiro a ‘snake’ and a ‘rapist’

Chris Chase
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Michael Irvin lashed out at Nevin Shapiro on Thursday, two days after Yahoo! Sports broke the story about illicit benefits the jailed booster gave to 72 members of the University of Miami football team.

Speaking to ESPN Radio Los Angeles, the former Hurricanes star and Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer, explained why he called Shapiro a "snake and rapist" during his own radio show earlier this week. Irvin takes the biggest issue with Shapiro's participation in a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors out of $930 million.

Transcript courtesy Sports Radio Interviews:

"I called him a snake and rapist because think about it this this way…he's snaking people, but you are a rapist. How do you walk into someone's home. Forget football. Forget the University of Miami. I don't care about it. How do you walk into someone's home and sit and eat dinner with them? Watch and look at their kids? Look at all the things in their home that they worked hard over the years to gather and then you take a check and then you go and blow away all of their savings? Man it doesn't get any lower than this."

Irvin says he never met Shapiro but likely would have been lured by the handouts Shapiro awarded during his time as a booster. He also said Shapiro brought down players because of an inferiority complex that made him want to latch on to other people's success.

[Y! Sports probe: Renegade Miami booster spells out illicit player benefits]

Loaded terminology aside, all of what Irvin says is true. Nobody is doubting that Shapiro is a dishonest, unscrupulous thief and wanna-be. And, so far, few have criticized the players named in the Yahoo! Sports report. None of this changes the fact that Shapiro was given too much access and power by Miami officials all too eager to cash his checks without caring about the ethics of the man signing them.

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