Michael Huff used to nauseate Warren Sapp

Shutdown Corner

Warren Sapp, now an NFL Network analyst, used to be a teammate of safety Michael Huff in Oakland. On the many occasions that they practiced together, Huff's practice habits left Sapp feeling like he wanted to part ways with his breakfast.

"I went so far with Michael Huff, and you can ask him this, that my last day in Oakland, I waited in the parking lot for Michael Huff," Sapp recalled. "I waited in the parking lot because I wanted to talk to the young man because he made me want to throw up watching him practice. I mean, the scout team would complete ball, after ball, after ball. I'm like, 'You're not going to make one play? I mean, you're not even going to put your hand on it and knock it down?'"

Huff is going to be a free agent when the lockout ends. As a fan, I'm glad that Warren Sapp is this honest about his former teammates. These are the kinds of things I want to know.

But if I was Michael Huff on Friday morning, I'm pretty sure I'd be thinking that Warren Sapp is kind of a jerk.

Sapp made his comments on KESN-FM in Dallas. Dallas is one of the teams rumored to be interested in signing Huff. Now, I'm sure the Cowboys have their own reasons for wanting to sign Huff (if in fact they do), and their research extends far beyond the opinion of Warren Sapp, who has not been Huff's teammate in years.

And it's not Sapp's job to consider the financial well-being of Michael Huff, either. It's his job to give his opinion and entertain people, and that's what he did.

Still, if you were Huff, wouldn't you be thinking something like, "Hey, um, Warren, I'm trying to get paid over here. Maybe your 3-year-old opinion could wait a couple of weeks."

It's certainly true that Huff has never lived up to the promise he had as the seventh overall pick coming out of Texas, but he played reasonably well last year. He did make plays. Four sacks, three interceptions and three forced fumbles.

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