MetLife Stadium needs to be dug out after snow storm less than two weeks before Super Bowl

If you haven't heard, Super Bowl XLVIII might have some weather issues. The NFL should be very glad that the Super Bowl wasn't somehow scheduled for Jan. 21, because who knows what might have happened.

A huge snow storm hit New York with about 14 inches of snow between Tuesday and Wednesday morning, making transportation about impossible. Think about if there was only one week between games – Tuesday would have been Super Bowl media day, one of the NFL's best marketing tools. That would have been a treat. Crews needed to be brought in to help dig out MetLife Stadium, the site of this year's Super Bowl in East Rutherford, N.J.

The forecast, which can't be taken as gospel 11 days in advance, is improving for Super Bowl Sunday. predicts it will be a high of 40 degrees and a low of 25 with snow showers possible. That's a little warmer than the forecast from Monday, when it also called for a snow/rain mix. But what if there was a storm like Tuesday's blizzard on the day Denver is scheduled to play Seattle in the Super Bowl?'s Jane McManus asked the league, which didn't want to answer the question:

Because of the logistics and the millions and millions of dollars the network would lose in advertising money if the Super Bowl had to be moved back a day because of weather, odds are that if the teams could somehow, someway make it to the stadium and if the television equipment and satellite trucks worked, there would be a game. The only way the NFL wouldn't play it was scheduled is if it was physically impossible to do so. But it's still interesting to think about the possibilities of the league's biggest game being played in a foot of snow.

Here are a few more pictures of MetLife Stadium from Tuesday night, and when you look at them, keep in mind this site is scheduled to host a Super Bowl in less than two weeks:

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