Measles patient may have exposed others at Super Bowl Village

Well, this isn't good. The Associated Press reports that at least one measles patient may have exposed others to the disease during Super Bowl week at Indianapolis' fan village outposts -- this according to Indiana health officials. Based on different estimates, anywhere from 100,000 to a quarter-million people went through the Super Bowl Village and NFL Experience setups per day in the days leading up to the big game.

Two cases of measles have been confirmed in Hamilton County, and another two have been suspected in Boone County. According to the report, one of the confirmed patients visited the Super Bowl Village on the Friday before the game, though that person didn't visit the NFL Experience exhibit, which was in the Indiana Convention Center.

So, if you were there and are now thinking that you might have walked away from the Village with more than a hangover or a couple bruises from a "friendly fight," here's what to watch for:

Measles symptoms start with a progressively worsening cold and fever and end with a blotchy full-body rash. Serious complications can include meningitis and pneumonia.

Indiana State Health Commissioner Greg Larkin told the AP that between those people who have been immunized during their lifetimes and those who were exposed to measles when they were kids, the odds of an epic outbreak are relatively small.

"We've got high percentages and great rates of childhood immunization," Larkin said. "Also, people born before 1957 are considered naturally immune because they were likely exposed to the virus during childhood."

That said, if you're starting to feel as if this is a bit more than what happens during cold and flu season, you should get yourself checked out.

"Even if you don't have symptoms, it's a reminder to make sure all your immunizations are up to date," [Larkin] said. "And, it's a reminder to wash your hands and stay home from work if you're feeling sick."

Indeed. And as we'll be ramping up Shutdown Corner's draft coverage from the scouting combine in Indy two weeks from today, let's hope this is merely a minor malfunction.

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