McNabb to Redskins in stunning, mind-blowing blockbuster

Donovan McNabb(notes) being traded? Obviously, not a huge surprise.

Donovan McNabb being traded within the division? To the rival Redskins? Holy thunder. That's a flabbergaster.

The Eagles are getting back a second-round pick (number 37 overall), and another pick next year that could be either a third- or fourth-rounder.

When teams trade good players, they usually try to send them someplace where the player can't go on to punish them for years to come. That the Eagles ignored that general concept has to mean some combination of the following three things: 1) They think so little of McNabb that they don't believe he can hurt them; 2) They didn't have many other trade options; and/or 3) They exercised a bit of compassion and refused to do this to McNabb.

(NOTE: This Adam Schefter tweet points to option number three.)

Whatever the case, it's a stunner. That first game where McNabb is back in Philadelphia sporting a burgundy and gold jersey is going to be a hellacious scene. Some will cheer, some will boo, some will misspell things on sarcastic signs, but everyone's going to have a reaction. To me, it's every bit as intriguing as Favre's first game in Lambeau as a Viking, if not more so. We can probably go ahead and pencil it in as a Sunday night game, too.

Besides pondering that scene, there are plenty of practical matters to discuss, too. There's the beginning of the Kevin Kolb(notes) era in Philadelphia, with its promise and potential (either for growth or a step backwards).

How good could the Redskins be with McNabb? Is McNabb the best quarterback they've had since Joe Theismann? Might they go out and get McNabb a receiver or two to work with?

There's also the fact that the Redskins are almost certainly out of the running to draft Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford, and whether or not that might cause one or both of them to slip in the draft.

Then there's the future of Jason Campbell(notes) to consider. McNabb's certainly not a young pup anymore, so will the Redskins hang on to him? And if they don't, what might the Raiders, Bills, Rams or Panthers give up for Campbell?

Feel free to discuss any and all scenarios below as we all try to wrap our heads around this thing.

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