Matthews, Greene are two of a kind

They were each walk-on players at their colleges. They each play/played the game with long blond hair, looking like extras in "Braveheart." They each played on defenses run by Dom Capers, through Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews(notes) has always done it for his current team, and outside linebackers coach Kevin Greene did most of his damage for the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise Matthews will face in today's Super Bowl. But now that Greene, who amassed 160 sacks in his career with four different teams over 17 years, and Matthews, who put up 13.5 in 2010 alone, work together, they're as close as you'd expect of two guys with so much in common.

During Super Bowl media week, Greene and Matthews spoke with the NFL Network's Steve Mariucci about how they work together, and how they got to where they now are on the journey. This is Matthews' first Super Bowl; Greene lost multiple conference championship games and fell short with the Steelers inSuper Bowl XXX against the Dallas Cowboys. Both men are trying for that first ring, knowing that they can't do it without each other.

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