Marshawn Lynch's mother reveals the reason he didn't go to the White House

Running back Marshawn Lynch might be the best example of how the Seattle Seahawks wanted to build their championship team, a tough and brash player who competes for every yard.

Off the field, he's still a mystery. Russell Wilson pitches tablets and Richard Sherman is selling us beef jerky, and you never hear anything about Lynch, who became a story during Super Bowl week because he despised being in the media spotlight.

When the Seahawks came together at the White House on Wednesday to meet President Barack Obama and celebrate their Super Bowl XLVIII win, Lynch was conspicuously absent. Was he taking a political stand, as other athletes have done in the past? Nah, he just wasn't interested.

“No particular reason was given to me,’’ Marshawn's mother Delisa Lynch told the Seattle Times. “He just said he didn’t want to go.’’


Lynch's aversion to attention is so well known, Obama mentioned it when talking about the Seahawks, joking that he admired Lynch's approach to the press and wanted tips. Obama then used one of Lynch's oft-quoted lines from Super Bowl week, saying he's "about the action."

"I texted him and told him that Obama gave him some mad props and he texted back ‘laughing out loud,'" Delisa Lynch told the Times.

It's safe to say not many of us would skip out on a trip to the White House when our attendance was such a big deal the president would name drop us. Especially if the trip was to celebrate the biggest accomplishment of our professional career with all our teammates. But Lynch isn't kidding around when he said he has no use for the spotlight off the field. Even Obama couldn't get him to come out. 

He just didn't want to go, boss.

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