Marshawn Lynch naturally keeps his postgame comments brief in victory

It was maybe the biggest story in the lead-up to Super Bowl XLVIII, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch barely talking.

At least he's consistent. Lynch scored the first touchdown of the game and gave the Seahawks a 15-0 lead in what would become a 43-8 blowout. He came out of the game with the lead safe and appeared on the sideline in a red "Beast Mode" hoodie and a black facemask of some sort.

But winning didn't suddenly make him loquacious.

In case you can't read Shalise's photo, here's the transcript of what Lynch told the media after the game:

On winning the Super Bowl: "Dream come true."

On that touchdown run: "Kicked it all off, boss."

On him not celebrating on the field: "Man, [my teammates] know how I feel about it. This is big time. This has been a tradition since I came, since forever. It's just what I do. Everybody knows it. They respect it."

On if it's the best day of his life: "Next to being born."

Exit, stage left. Lynch apparently is just all about that action, boss.

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