Marshawn Lynch arrested on suspicion of DUI

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This was Marshawn Lynch after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge in 2009:

"It has kind of sunk in, and I felt that this was the next step to letting you guys know that there will be a change. I never had the intention of getting into trouble or anything like that. But along the way my road got rocky, and now you know it's time to set my pavement straight."

It's 2012, and the pavement is crooked again. Or, maybe it just seems that way when someone is driving on it drunk. Lynch was arrested in Oakland on suspicion of DUI. Here are the details from

Lynch, 26, who plays for the Seattle Seahawks, was arrested after a traffic stop on Interstate 880 in Oakland, according to CHP spokesman Hector Baiza. Lynch was taken to Santa Rita Jail, where he was cited and released, according to Alameda County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Raymond Kelly.

The five-year NFL veteran was cooperative and submitted to a blood test once he was in custody, Baiza said. Lynch's blood-alcohol level was over the .08 limit, Baiza added, though he declined to specify the exact measurement.

Whatever it was, it was enough for a grown man to know that he should call a cab. Or find some place to crash. Or make someone else a designated driver. Or about a zillion other things that are better than driving drunk, especially for someone who's got so much to lose.

Lynch had a career resurgence in 2011, and was rewarded with a $31 million contract ($18 million of that guaranteed). It seemed like he had found the perfect fit for himself in Seattle under Pete Carroll. For Lynch, the timing of this is very poor (though I suppose no one's ever gotten a DUI and said, "Hey, the timing on that DUI was terrific.")

Lynch and the Seahawks have yet to comment.

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