Mark Sanchez surprised by smack on behind from teammate Willie Colon during live TV interview (Video)

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Fox’s Pam Oliver recently learned a very valuable lesson about being on an NFL sideline and not paying attention to your surroundings.

Keep your head on a swivel at all times.

Oliver has been roaming Fox’s sidelines for years, which is always a hazardous place for a reporter who only has a notepad and microphone to protect herself. Unfortunately for Oliver, she was looking the other way before the Indianapolis Colts-New York Giants game this past Sunday night when Colts backup Chandler Harnish unleashed a pass that connected with her right cheek. To Oliver’s credit, she never hit the ground, and shook off the blow like a prize fighter.

Sanchez was recently hit on the cheek, as well. The other one.

During New York’s recent preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sanchez was gracious enough to perform a sideline interview during the contest. The starters were already pulled, and Sanchez was expounding on his team’s running performance in the second half. That is when Jets guard Willie Colon sneaked up behind Sanchez and slapped his, um, rear end.

Sanchez let out a startled “oh” before laughing at what hopefully will not become the newest handshake among Jets players.

Of course, critics of Sanchez will likely parallel his inability to see Colon coming to his lack of awareness in the pocket. Others will just laugh it off as the only interesting occurrence in that preseason game.

Fortunately for Colon, this might the only hard hit not fined by the NFL this preseason.

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