Mark Sanchez shows one final time in 2012 that he’s not very good (VIDEO)

Mark Sanchez threw an interception that defied any logic, and it was returned for a touchdown.

That seemed to happen every week during this season, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it happened again in the Jets’ 2012 swan song.

This interception was gift-wrapped to Bills safety Bryan Scott and returned 20 yards for a score. The throw seemed to be headed to nobody in particular, just another bad decision by a quarterback who seems to have forgotten how to play the position. Buffalo won 28-9. Sanchez didn’t lead the Jets to a touchdown.

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Sanchez was given the start because Greg McElroy had a concussion, and that allowed him to give the Jets one more reminder of how awful their offseason conundrum really is.

Sanchez completed 17-of-35 passes for 205 yards and never really moved the offense against a mediocre Bills defense. Not that Jets fans didn’t know Sanchez was having a horrible season, but Week 17 served as another reminder that will linger all offseason.

Thanks to a baffling extension given to Sanchez in March, the Jets face an oppressive cap hit to release him this offseason. So they might be stuck with Sanchez at least another year, and that would inspire absolutely no confidence. No matter what changes are made by the Jets this offseason – and there will be many – the most interesting one has to do with Sanchez and what New York does at the quarterback position.

After the game, Rex Ryan discussed the future of the quarterback situation with the Jets, vaguely saying, "the future is going to be addressed at a different time," when asked about Sanchez.

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The Jets will have to do something to restore Sanchez’s confidence and reconstruct his game to get to the point he was when he showed some promise his first couple years. Without a major overhaul, either at the position or in Sanchez’s game, there’s not much reason to believe 2013 won’t look a lot like Sunday’s performance against Buffalo.

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