Mark Sanchez says Philly fans are 'nicer' than New York fans? (updated)

Philadelphia Eagles' Mark Sanchez leaves the field at the end of NFL football training camp on Sunday, July 27, 2014, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Michael Perez)

(Update: Sanchez may have actually said something a little different than what was initially implied. His clarification is below.)

As gaffes go, Mark Sanchez has a high bar to clear to get past the Butt Fumble. But the former Jet and new Eagle gave it the ol' college try on Monday, offering up a quote that we're sure will follow him around.

In discussing his new digs with Philadelphia, Sanchez offered up a direct assessment: "The fans are a lot nicer here." In addition to being the first time that the Philadelphia fans have been classified as nicer than anyone, this also seems a bit of misplaced frustration on Sanchez's part.

Sure, he lost his job to injury and Geno Smith. And sure, he was unfairly reduced to a bit player in the let-Tim-Tebow-play debacle. But to rip the people who actually choose to root for the Jets? That's like kicking a puppy.

Sanchez will be backing up Nick Foles, who's only coming off a career season, so it's possible Sanchez won't ever have to hear the gentle caresses of a Philly crowd. But Jets fans are a whole different story. When they're angry, you can hear them from orbit.

The Eagles play the Jets at home in the fourth game of the preseason, and travel to New York to play the Giants in Week 17. We're certain Jets fans will be ready to show him just how nice they can be.

Update: Sanchez clarified his comments on Twitter, saying he wasn't talking about Jets fans at all:

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