Mark Gastineau slurs his way into the Jets’ Ring of Honor

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It didn't make the ESPN broadcast, but legendary defensive end Mark Gastineau was inducted into the New York Jets Ring of Honor on Monday night.

He gave an interesting, meandering and sometimes oddly-enunciated speech at halftime of the Jets loss to the Houston Texans. Induction to the Ring of Honor is certainly worth celebrating, and Gastineau sounds like someone who might have been doing a bit of that.

Here's audio of the speech, via Mike Francesa's radio show.

The hope is that Gastineau is doing well and simply enjoying an honor that was well-earned, but through his career, the guy had his ups and downs (and downs and downs), so I wonder. He said prior that he would probably cry during the speech, but it doesn't sound like that happened. I hope he doesn't cry when listening to a replay.

As for how Gastineau is doing these days, he's found religion and says he's very happy. Via John Holt at

[Gastineau] lives happily in New Jersey today with his wife, JoAnn, and never shies away from the opportunity to inform others about the strong relationship he's developed with Jesus Christ.

"We are just really content with our lives and we just worship the Lord," he said. "Now I'm in the choir at Times Square Church. And believe me, you know there's a Lord if I'm in the choir because I don't have that great of a voice, that's for sure. My wife and I are both in the choir. As far as making joyful noise unto the Lord, that's exactly what we feel and that's what we do."

Did it sound like joyful noise in the above clip? Sort of yes, sort of no.

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