Mario Williams’ pictures with guns – no big deal, or bad look for NFL star?

After Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder, in connection to the brutal death of Odin Lloyd in which Lloyd was shot multiple times, the Buffalo News' Tim Graham tweeted a picture that might make the NFL cringe a bit.

Earlier this month Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Mario Williams posted multiple pictures of him with multiple guns to his Instagram account (bbwolf94). The main gun in the photos is an assault rifle.

"Fully auto m16 silenced," he wrote as the caption of one photo.

Williams didn't do anything illegal or wrong, but the NFL has long had an uneasy relationship with guns and its players.

Graham pointed out that the Williams pictures might not look too good especially given the timing of recent events around the league.

Nobody is questioning if Williams, who has previously discussed his love for firearms, has done anything wrong legally, but bringing up that the league might not be too keen on a star player posing for those pictures drew plenty of heat in Graham's direction.

So what is the correct answer? Legal fun and nothing to think twice about, or a bad look for a prominent NFL star?

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