Marc Trestman’s controversial decision to go with Jay Cutler not being met well in Bears organization

There's no good reason for the Chicago Bears to go back to quarterback Jay Cutler this week.

The most compelling case to stick with Josh McCown is that he has, by nearly any measure, been the better quarterback this season. It might cause some hurt feelings to Cutler, a free agent after the year, if the Bears stuck with McCown now that Cutler's ankle injury has healed, but that's life. McCown seems to be the better option, to anyone but coach Marc Trestman.

Trestman is giving Cutler the start on Sunday at Cleveland. And there will be a ton of pressure on Cutler, because this seems to be a very unpopular decision in the Bears' organization, according to Fox Sports' Jay Glazer.

Why would Trestman go back to Cutler? Is it Cutler's impending free agency and the fear or losing him? Is he worried that the decision to not give a player his job back after injury wouldn't go over well in the locker room? Presumably he thinks Cutler is the best option, but there's nothing this year that proves that. And Cutler's status as a franchise quarterback is very overblown, considering he's in his eighth season, and at 30 years old he has never had a great NFL season. He has never posted a rating of 90 or better over a full season in his career. Cutler is not a guy that you yank a red-hot quarterback out of the lineup for, and very few quarterbacks are hotter than McCown right now.

The move to Cutler doesn't make a ton of sense. A lot of people in the Bears organization apparently agree. A loss at Cleveland this week might effectively eliminate Chicago from the playoff race. Trestman better hope his gamble is right.

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