How many completions will Tim Tebow have on Thursday night?

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

What better way to prepare the second Thursday night game of the year by dropping to a knee, checking to see whether you get NFL Network on your cable provider and perusing various wagers on how non-prolific Tim Tebow will be against the New York Jets.

For a guy who had two completions for 68 yards on Sunday, his projections are positively Marino-esque. Here are the over/unders online set by the betting site Bodog for Thursday night's game. The same totals for Mark Sanchez are listed as a comparison and not, I repeat, not, because it gave us an opportunity to include that dreamy picture of the Jets QB.

As for the only wager that really matters -- will Tebow find a nice girl to settle down with in the next 12 months and, if not, do you think he'd want to be set up with my 24-year-old niece who's very cute, likes to work out and is in nursing school? -- sad to say, but Bodog doesn't offer that on its site.

The Jets are favored by six points in Thursday night's game.

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