Man with same name as Giants punter harrassed on Twitter

A public service announcement to anyone out there who has the same name as an NFL player: If you don't want to be harassed after your similarly monikered athlete screws up on the field, come up with a more clever Twitter handle.

On Monday, TMZ noted that Matt Dodge(notes), an average guy with 200 Twitter followers, was inundated with Tweets after the New York Giants punter of the same name hit a line drive punt that was returned by DeSean Jackson(notes) for a game-winning touchdown.

A few examples of the (printable) spam that Dodge received:

jimmieconnors: @MattDodge sell now, every punter is just one bungled snap away from unemployment

InDaMixRadio: @mattdodge you need to go into witness protection...NOOOOW!!!!

Ron_Mexiico: You not unemployed yet???

How funny that two of the folks who sent messages to the regular Matt Dodge are people who have similar Twitter handles to famous people. (Jimmy Connors, the tennis player, and Ron Mexico, the infamous Michael Vick(notes) alias.)

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But @mattdodge shouldn't worry too much about future hate-Tweets coming his way. Judging by the reaction of Giants coach Tom Coughlin on Sunday, punter Matt Dodge isn't long for New York. He'll play next week, but it's tough to see him sticking around for too much longer after the punt:

Free advice: If someone named Lawrence Tynes(notes) wants to start a Twitter account soon, I'd choose a different handle, lest the New York Giants kicker of the same name miss a kick in the next few weeks and causes a similar Twitter-lanche.

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In Philadelphia, however, Dodge is a popular man. A local restaurant is offering him a free meal if he ever comes in

And for those of you who want to spew venom at me, please make sure you do it to my Twitter name: @chaztopher. We wouldn't want @chrischase wondering why people think he's such a [fill-in your favorite team]-hating [fill-in insult].

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