Man flubs national anthem at Chiefs game, gets jeered by fans

The Eli Young Band has performed at countless venues across the country, including at a music festival that can draw up to 70,000 fans per day. So singing the national anthem before the Kansas City Chiefs game shouldn't have been too out of the ordinary for the band's singer, Mike Eli.

But, oh, it was. And let's just say the Chiefs fans didn't shower Mr. Eli with that Midwestern hospitality for which they're known after he forgot what comes after "twilight's last gleaming":

Botched national anthem at Chiefs vs. Broncos game @ Yahoo! Video

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Ouch. They're merciless! When Eli messes up the first time, the crowd turned on him so quickly and so loudly that I'm guessing it rattled the singer so much he couldn't get back on track. After that, it was just disaster. (At least his voice is nice.) It'd be sort of mean if it wasn't so funny. (My favorite part is at the 11-second mark when one guy in the stands disgustedly says "wow," like he could never have fathomed such a butchering of our national anthem.)

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What he really needed was Maurice Cheeks to drape a supportive arm around him.

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