Man calls 911, says he’s the president, demands to speak to Tim Tebow

I won't keep you in suspense ‒ no, the man did not get to speak to Tim Tebow. Which is a shame, because I'm dying to know what he wanted to say to him.

I could tell you what happened, but you probably wouldn't believe me. Instead, I'll just pass along the words of the Hopatcong Patch.

A Hopatcong man told police he was the president looking speak to Tim Tebow, and officers found him hiding under pillows and clothes in his mom's closet, police said.

Jason Slater, 28, called 911 three times late June 10, refusing to give the dispatcher information each time, police said. Then he called the Hopatcong police department's main line, saying he was the president and that he wanted to talk with Tebow, the New York Jets' backup quarterback, police said.

Eventually he was taken in by police and charged with making false public alarms. Upon his release, he threw his summons complaint to the ground. Officers warned him to pick it up, and he did, right before throwing it on the ground again outside of a Dunkin' Donuts.

Good try, Tim, but I guess you can't save everybody.

Gracias, BC.

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