Madden ’13 pictures the wrong Marcus Thomas; right Marcus Thomas gets upset

Shutdown Corner

For a lot of young players in the NFL, it's probably a huge thrill to tear the plastic off of Madden '13, put the game in the console, and then see yourself represented on the screen.

It's probably less of a thrill to put the game in, find yourself, and see that the picture is of someone else. That's what New York Giants defensive tackle Marcus Thomas experienced.

That's not Marcus Thomas. At least, it's not the right Marcus Thomas. The right Marcus Thomas looks like this:

There used to be another Marcus Thomas in the NFL, a running back out of UTEP who last played for the Broncos in 2009. Marcus Thomas, the current Giant, was also with Denver in 2009. It was an easy mistake for the Madden people, and an honest one, I'm sure, but Giant Marcus Thomas aired his grievances in a series of tweets. Here are a few of them:

@MarcusThomas_79: I been in the nfl going on 6years and y'all still hav another mans face for my pic on madden i hate y'all hate is very strong but I do

@MarcusThomas_79: How y'all gone hav my pic rookie season and then change it to a completely dif person for ds rest of my career

@MarcusThomas_79: dear mr @EAMaddenNFL i com to you humbly sir. Can u please put the right photo of me on the madden it's been 6years not lol maybe a giggle

Fortunately, the complaints found their way to Donny Moore, described in his Twitter bio as the "Madden NFL Live Content Producer and Ratings Czar." He's vowed to fix the mistake.

@Donny_Moore: @MarcusThomas_79 Sincere apologies Mr. Thomas, we will have this picture removed for next update...It is the UTEP Marcus Thomas.

Crisis averted, and now Marcus Thomas' hate can be replaced with love.

@MarcusThomas_79: Thanks mr madden I love you

So all's well that ends well. Being in Madden might not be one of the best perks of being in the NFL, but to Marcus Thomas, it was something. Soon, he'll be able to fire up the game, look at the screen and say "That's me!" It was probably less fun to point at the screen and say, "That's … some other guy."

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