Luke Kuechly is smooth on the football field, train wreck on the dance floor (Video)

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is not the person you want to challenge on the football field.

Challenging Kuechly to a dance off?

Let the laughter begin.

Kuechly participated in an NFL Play 60 event at Springfield Elementary on Tuesday. According to, Springfield Elementary was one of 34 schools across the nation named a Super School this year. The NFL’s Play 60 program is designed to encourage healthy living and playing at least 60 minutes every day. Several members of the Panthers, including Kuechly, attended the pep rally.

Somebody thought it would be a great idea if Kuechly battled 1st grade teacher Nikki Letterhoss in a dance off during the event. Kuechly is one of the NFL’s best linebackers, and that should translate on the dance floor, right?

Let’s just say Kuechly is so bad, he made Letterhoss look like Shakira during this battle.

It is amazing how bad Kuechly really is. He did not even perform any of the safe dances, like the robot, cabbage patch, cotton eye Joe, or typewriter.

Instead, he made Elaine from Seinfeld look like Miley Cyrus.

Congratulations, Mark Madsen.

There is an athlete out there with worse dance moves than you.

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