Louis Delmas thinks kids are wonderful. As tackling dummies

It's a great thing when an NFL organization reaches out and gets children involved in the game, and it's also a great thing when a young player is bursting with enthusiasm to strap on the pads and play for his team.

But sometimes, it's not such a great thing when those two things come together. Head on a swivel, kid!

Oh, that was unfortunate. Delmas' enthusiasm inadvertently had children falling down like bowling pins. The good news is that no one was injured, and of course, Delmas was very sorry. From Tom Kowalski at mlive.com:

"I'm so used to having so much space and I came out and felt a little bump on my butt and I looked around and there are kids all over the ground. I felt bad,'' Delmas said.

Well, no harm, no foul. The kids, resilient little creatures that they are, have a story to tell. And Delmas went on to have a fine game, his first since returning from a groin injury. Let's all just hope that this makes everyone a little more aware, because the damage could have been considerable if this were someone like Ndamukong Suh(notes).

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