Losing to Tim Tebow brought the Dolphins closer to God

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(Disclaimer: AP style says I'm supposed to capitalize the word "God," so that's what I'm going to do. It's not an endorsement of a monotheistic religion or any other belief system -- I'm doing what AP tells me and hoping I am not smote.)

You know how the Broncos have won six of their last seven games because they play good defense and keep defenses off balance with their physical and deceptive running game and/or because Tim Tebow is magic?

And you know how the Miami Dolphins, after starting the season 0-7, have won four of their last six games since they played against Tim Tebow? That's not coincidence. Tim Tebow is not only magic himself, but his magic can rub off on other people.

According to Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby, that's what happened when the Broncos played the Dolphins in Week 7. The Dolphins saw God working through Tebow, and in the process, became closer to God himself.

"Us losing to Tim Tebow the way we did, we seen it first hand," Dansby said on Rome's radio show.  "Young man is blessed.  Young man has a special anointing on him.  And for God to show himself in that game the way he did, through the guy he did it through, it opened a lot of guys' eyes on our team.  And it brought a lot of guys closer to God, so like I said, everything happens for a reason. ... My hat goes off to Tim.  And God working through him like that, it opened up a lot of eyes.  He's a blessed young man and I wish him much success the rest of his career."

That's quite a strong endorsement. In fact, I don't know that I've ever heard anything quite like that said about anyone who wasn't, you know, the son of God.

And the fact is that no one's really in a position to say that Dansby's wrong. Even if you're the type who doesn't believe that what he's saying is possible, Dansby still isn't wrong. If he believes that being on the same field as Tim Tebow had some kind of effect on him, then it did. If a lot of other Dolphins believed the same thing, and they believe it made them a closer, better team, then it did.

Since college, people have always spoken about Tim Tebow as a leader, but no one's ever taken it quite this far -- Tebow as not just a leader, but some kind of spiritual beacon that lifts up even opponents. And if this is happening in his second year, what might the NFL be like before Tebow is done?

Gracias, PFT.

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