A look at the AFL legacy uniforms: The 1963 Oakland Raiders

Eight former AFL teams will wear 1960s throwback uniforms during "legacy games" in the 2009 season. Shutdown Corner takes a look back (or ahead, if you will) at those throwback jerseys in advance of the season. Today, we look at the 1963 Oakland Raiders.

I think the NFL is pulling a little chicanery with this one. Here, the NFL touts the Raiders legacy uniforms as this:

1963 season: White (away) jersey features silver numbers outlined in black; silver helmet with original Raiders logo.

But Football Uniforms Past and Present depicts the Raiders uniforms as you see them above, with some mustard yellow in there. You can see it in the football card, too.

But I don't think we'll be seeing any mustard on the field this year. Instead, it sounds like they'll be rocking the 1970 models with the 1963 helmet. And that's fine ... if you want to pick the more aesthetically pleasing uniform, knock yourself out, but I don't know why they'd lie about it.

I have another suggestion to make the Raiders legacy day even more fun. See, 1963 was also the first year that Al Davis served as the head coach of the Raiders. Let's bring Al down to the sidelines ... head coach for the day!

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