Live chat today at 2 p.m. EST. Also, here's a Joe Nedney song

I bet you didn't think we were having a live chat this week. HA. Don't you feel silly. We've moving them from Tuesday to Thursday, though, for now.

Anything NFL-related is open for discussion, including Jason Taylor(notes) back with the Fish, Brett Favre(notes) (if you have to), and the off-season progress reports we've had thus far. That's today at 2 p.m., right here on this very website.

And here's the Joe Nedney(notes) song I promised you, courtesy of Niners Nation. It's an old classic from YouTube sensation BradyFan83, but I hadn't seen it before. And when I have even the tiniest opportunity to post a Joe Nedney music video on the site, I take advantage of it.

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