Listen up, haters: Freddie Mitchell has something to say

If you're wondering where FredEx has been lately, rest assured that he's still working hard to get back in the NFL and deliver. He wants you to know that he's in Lakeland, Fla., training hard and preparing for the upcoming NFL season.

I'm sort of curious about the "other things not under [his] control" that are keeping Freddie out of the NFL, because, you know, I have a feeling that if he was good enough to be a productive player in the NFL, he would be.

Maybe I'm wrong about that, and there's some sinister plot among NFL coaches and GMs to blackball Freddie. But -- and maybe this makes me one of the "haters" -- I think the thing that's out of Freddie's control is just that there are a lot of younger, better wide receivers who insist on coming into the league. Damn kids.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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