Take the Lions. Please!

For some people, running Matt Millen out of town wasn't enough. They now want to run the entire Detroit Lions organization out of town, and to do so, they're using the same tactics they used to oust Millen ... t-shirts and websites.

If you were born in Michigan, then you probably are cursed with being a Lions fan. One play-off win since 1957! As hard as you may try not to care, they still suck you in. So it's time to show the ownership what you think they should do to improve the team: Move! At least then we could get an expansion team with new ownership and a new opportunity for fans that deserve better.

That's from LAtakeTheLions.com, which exists to promote that message and sell t-shirts.

The city of Los Angeles does want an NFL team, or at least, some politicians who represent Los Angeles want an NFL team. And the NFL wants to give them one, too. There are a few fanbases out there that live in fear that it'll be their team that ends up as the Lost Angeles Whatevers. At least a small portion of Lions fans, it seems, live in fear that it won't be their team.

It would seem a shame to waste Ford Field, but I guess we could always just turn it into The Jerome Bettis Center for Admiring Jerome Bettis.