The Lions are about to play some serious ball

Today in the Detroit Free Press, Drew Sharp writes about how he severed emotional ties with the Lions a long time ago. Stuck in the column, though, are some neat little factoids that suggest that the New Orleans Saints don't know the hell that awaits them this Sunday in Detroit. Read on.

If it's possible to "blow" 0-16, they'll do it.


They're entering the peak of their performance level during the Age of Millen -- the final two games on the schedule. The Lions are 6-8 in their final two games the past seven years. They've lost their last two games only once during that time -- in Marty Mornhinweg's second and final season as coach in 2002.

That's a .429 winning percentage.

A winning percentage of .429? You know, for the Lions, that's pretty fearsome. It's still not a great football team (for example, the Buffalo Bills currently sport a .429 winning percentage), but it's something you might expect from a real, actual NFL franchise.

And just the shock alone of going into Detroit and finding a real NFL franchise might be enough to shock opponents into a state of confusion. You go in thinking you're about to play the saddest team in Michigan since before Ed Monix turned around the Flint Tropics, and the next thing you know, you're saying to yourself, "Hey, these guys are almost as good as the Bills!"

And then you realize you'll have to play an actual football game that day, and it might not be until the second quarter that you actually bother to put pads on, stretch, or actually call plays in the huddle, instead of just saying, "All right, who wants to score this time?"

Advantage, Lions.