LeSean McCoy ‘gripes’ about footrace he lost to ‘Old Man’ Michael Vick

Earlier this offseason, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy challenged quarterback Michael Vick to a foot race. McCoy turned the air green with trash talk, calling Vick "old man" at every turn. But the old man still had some hops; according to Philly safety Colt Anderson, Vick dusted Shady by as much as five yards over a 40-yard distance.

Now, with OTAs underway, both sides are talking to the media ... and McCoy is hinting that the "feud" (spoiler: probably not a feud) isn't really over.

"The jubilation I felt that day was unbelievable," Vick told Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole, "not only to myself but for the morale of this team. Nothing against LeSean, but he asked for it." Vick conceded that he didn't know he had that speed still in himself. He credited the Eagles' strength and conditioning coaches for getting him ready, and the Eagles players for getting him pumped.

"The build-up has been going on since the beginning of April," Vick said. "I was conservative about it because I didn't want something to happen. Just the fact of it being sort of immature and then if I tore a hamstring or LeSean tore up a hamstring, Chip [Kelly]'s going to be mad at me, so I didn't want that. (But) it got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore."

Alas, getting whupped wasn't enough for Shady. McCoy, 24, is now claiming Vick, 32, cheated by jumping the gun, and is alleging he has video proof of the infraction. (The video, strangely enough, has not yet surfaced.) Sour, bitter grapes, or keeping a healthy rivalry alive? We're going with the latter. The Eagles have had more than enough of the former.

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